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Tokyo, JP

Nature and tranquility inspire our teams at our Tokyo office, which is beautifully designed with plants and earth tones, as well as themes of technology and innovation. From here, we create innovative new ways to advance audio storytelling.

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What's Nearby

Our team gets to enjoy the Meguro District's trendy boutiques and craft restaurants, as well as the exquisite beauty of the Meguro River and its world-famous cherry blossoms. The nearby temples and shrines provide an insightful juxtaposition to the technological advancements being made in our Audible office.

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The Chapters in Our Story

Our teams transform the way stories are told and revolutionize how people experience audio storytelling. As technology evolves the ways in which we share and hear stories, we find new ways to reach listeners around the world. Discover more about our teams of dedicated, empowered employees and the passion they share for storytelling and technology.

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