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Los Angeles, CA

Our teams in Los Angeles tend to have a sunny outlook—or is that the weather? It must be the joy of getting to collaborate with celebrities, storytellers, technologists, and other world-class creatives to make audio experiences that are worthy of Hollywood’s shining legacy.

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What's Nearby

Los Angeles is a sprawling tapestry of cultures, languages, cuisines, and attractions. Culver City is on the west side of LA, just minutes from LAX and beautiful beaches. Although cars and ride share services are the transportation of choice for navigating Los Angeles’s spread-out communities, the Metro light rail is also available via the Culver City station and reaches from the coast to downtown and areas farther east, south, and north. Home to many entertainment and media companies, Culver City is filled with museums, shops, restaurants, and entertainment in its very pedestrian and bike-friendly downtown.

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The Chapters in Our Story

Our teams transform the way stories are told and revolutionize how people experience audio storytelling. As technology evolves the ways in which we share and hear stories, we find new ways to reach listeners around the world. Discover more about our teams of dedicated, empowered employees and the passion they share for storytelling and technology.

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