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Audible Sound Bites with Veronica Perez

Verónica Pérez is an Associate Director of Lifecycle Performance for Audible’s EU service. She joined us in 2019 to help launch our service for Spain after falling in love with listening to Audible. Working out of Madrid, she’s discovering ways to continually delight listeners throughout Europe.

Can you describe a bit about your role and what inspires you?

One of my main focuses is to identify significant trends within the customer lifecycle, i.e. the customer’s journey of discovering and using our service, the reasons behind the trends, and opportunities to improve our business. Then I take these insights and collaborate with the team to enhance our projects and customer initiatives.

My biggest source of inspiration is the customer. I love to understand their behavior and know that I’m improving the experience for them, making it even more enjoyable and seamless.

What inspired you to check out Audible?

My brother introduced me to Audible and I found the Audible Original Heads Will Roll by Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon. It was like a play in an audio-only theater, or a front-row seat at a comedy special—a new creative world I hadn’t experienced. By the end I was hooked, and haven’t stopped listening since.

What has your career journey been like so far? 

I had been with Amazon for three years when I discovered the amazing opportunity to be part of the launch of Audible’s service for Spain as a Merchandising and Retention Manager. Given my love for Audible, I immediately applied.

Working alongside astounding people, we built and launched the best customer experience we could deliver. After two years, we shifted from working as a country-specific team to a Europe-specific team. This transition enabled me to cover Spain as an Onsite and App Manager, all while working on  retention initiatives for Europe. After a year and a half, I was presented with my current role, which centers on lifecycle performance.

At Audible, each role I’ve had has invited me to step out of my comfort zone, equipping me with fresh skills that I could leverage. This is why I always view change as necessary and part of the path that will guide you to better outcomes. It can be either transversal or vertical movements—from all of them you can take what you’ve learned and use them on a different playground.

What do you love most about the culture here?

I would highlight the empathy and collaborative culture among colleagues. This gives you the opportunity to continue learning and growing along your career path, allowing you to fully enjoy the ride instead of only looking at the final goal you might have set for yourself.  I work and learn with friends—not many have that luxury.

What are some ways you draw inspiration from culture and technology?

I consider myself a curious person and an avid listener. I love learning from people. I get inspired from conversations about a certain topic, or through audiobooks or podcasts.

During my time off, I spend my time painting and modeling sculptures. This has engrained in me the importance of absorbing information from the most unexpected places and using it to create new and innovative pieces.

What advice would you have for a candidate considering Audible?

Be curious. Don’t be afraid to ask around and deep dive to understand the status quo. Once you do, open your eyes to new opportunities and pursue them. Usually, those opportunities are the ones that would bring the most value for the customer and the business.

Enjoy the ride. You will be the best version of yourself if you enjoy what you do. The rest will follow.

What’s your favorite listen?

Most of the time I vary between Spanish and English titles. The one that impressed me the most is “Por si las voces vuelven” by Ángel Martín, which is about a Spanish comedian on his journey through mental illness.

Lightning round! 

Favorite genre? Biographies and memoirs—people are amazing and I love to learn from them.

What hub are you aligned to? Berlin, but work remotely from Madrid, Spain.

Listening from a speaker or in your headphones? Usually headphones.

Morning person or night owl?  Morning person.

Favorite snack? Banana with peanut butter.

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