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Our Hiring Process

Audible is devoted to fostering a workplace culture of respect and inclusion, starting before you even apply. We hope the information and resources below will demystify the process and set you up for success.


Online Application

We encourage you to apply only to the open role(s) that excite you the most and best fits your qualifications, as opposed to submitting several applications at once. Candidates who focus their efforts on fewer roles tend to go farther in the process.



Depending on the role, you may be asked to provide supporting materials, such as sharing a portfolio or completing an assessment (like a writing sample or an online coding challenge).

Your Role

  • Writing Samples

  • or
  • Portfolio

  • or
  • Code


Phone Interview

We will set up a phone call for you to meet with the hiring manager so they can get to know you better. Check out the Interview FAQs for help preparing.

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Final Interview Panel

You’ll interview with a number of people, which may include potential teammates, managers, and others who will work closely with this role. Explore our Interview FAQs to learn what interviewers will be looking for.

Our Candidate Promise

We’re committed to providing a supported, transparent, and enjoyable experience, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to ensure your experience meets your expectations. You can reach out to us for support throughout the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Resources

Tips for getting hired

Tips for getting hired at Audible

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What To Expect In Your Virtual Interview With Audible

Listens to Help You Prepare

We’ve curated some listens, from short meditations to books that inspire you to think deeply about your career. We hope they help you rest, center yourself, and focus before your interview—and find success in all your endeavors.