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Well-being @ Audible

We are deeply committed to the well-being of our employees. Below are the pillars that guide us as we continually evolve our workplace, ensuring that we're prioritizing the health and wellness of our community.

We meet inclusively to drive outcomes and impact on behalf of our customers. At Audible, deep collaboration means fostering genuine connections based on shared experiences, clear communication, and understanding. This empowers us to do our best work, shoulder-to-shoulder across the globe, as we come together to unleash the power of the spoken word.

Let's face it, the past couple years have been hard. Many of us miss the chance encounters, those random ideas you get in a space shared with others. As we get used to new ways of working, my hope is that we will see the person first, remember to be kind and patient with each other, appreciate the joy of collaboration and community, and keep learning and getting better, together.

Sibylle Schwarz
Program Management Lead

We prioritize paths to health and resilience. Building a strong foundation is key in today's ever-changing world. We offer a robust set of resources that support mental health, financial wellness, and more, and are always exploring new opportunities.

The pandemic has reminded us of the importance of owning our well-being. We are fortunate that Audible offers a plethora of pertinent resources to help, such as a broad selection of Audible listens on this topic. The Women in Tech (WiT) Well-Being Panel last year offered valuable practical suggestions, and Meet-Free Thursdays enable us to focus.

Ian Moraes
VP, Software Engineer

We know how important it is to pause, to allow your mind and body to recover in order to tackle tomorrow's challenges. Reconnecting with ourselves through mindfulness and meditation allows us to access the benefits of being fully present and well-rested.

The weekly meditation sessions provide an opportunity for me to practice with professional guidance. I can focus my mind on the present and quiet distracting thoughts. I also started to incorporate the meditation into my morning and night routines by listening to our Morning and Sleep collections.

Jennifer Peng
Associate Marketing Manager, CX

We know powering the mind and body with high-quality nutrition is fundamental to overall health and happiness. Diets rich in variety and nourishment help us make whatever each day serves up more digestible.

The farm to table approach of our food program is key to providing the most nourishing and sustainable foods. I am beyond excited for the return of onsite cooking classes throughout the summer, which is the most wonderful season for buying and preparing local fruits and vegetables.

Jennifer Nader
Audible’s Registered Dietitian

Engaging in physical activity each day, at our own pace, provides major mental and emotional benefits as well.

My morning run gives me a tremendous physical and mental boost, and a sense of accomplishment. It not only prepares me for the challenges of the day, but puts me in a positive mood that helps me maintain and improve my personal relationships outside of work.

SVP, Global Center for Urban Development

We know coming together to share meaningful experiences is the spark of creativity. We provide our employees with opportunities to collaborate and celebrate in order to form and maintain strong connections with each other.

It didn’t matter that I forgot Moriarty was Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis. What mattered from these informal trivia nights with my new UK counterparts was the instilled sense of team, from my Brooklyn apartment.

adam agata
Analytics Senior Manager & the creator of gids ‘office THURSDAYS’