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Erika Alemany

Audible Sound Bites with Erika Alemany

Many people at Audible have inspiring career journeys, and Erika Alemany, Manager, Ops & Program Management, is a prime example. After starting her career with us as a Customer Success Manager, Erika successfully transitioned to product management on a team responsible for business operations and internal initiatives. Hear how collaboration powers her team’s customer obsession, and her hybrid work tips here.

What made you choose to work at Audible, and what makes you want to stay?

I'm glad to have found my place at Audible! I started within Customer Care and was immediately attracted to the company's mission and People Principles, as well as the community involvement and impact. Also, Audible is committed to building an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. I feel like I can bring my whole self to work. My unique perspective is valued and important.

Can you describe your role?

When I first started at Audible, my focus was business operations. Now it is two-pronged: business operations and program management, and I find myself equally passionate about both.

Splitting my time between the two roles allows me to remain connected to our product while still keeping tabs on best practices and processes. However, it is not just about what we do, it is also about how we do it. That means having a team that's not just working together, but connecting with each other on a personal level by helping each other grow as both individuals and professionals.

How do Audible’s People Principles drive your day-to-day work?

I find ways to embody the Activate Caring People Principle with colleagues within and outside of my direct team by scheduling one-on-one coffee chats and happy hours. They’re a great way to check in and connect on a personal level. They have allowed me to gain insight into how best to support my colleagues and improve the way I collaborate.

What’s one quality people interested in working in Product need to be successful here?

For someone considering Audible, it's important to understand that our People Principles are the foundation of the organization—and they extend to our listeners, to the communities we live in, and to our employees.

We are genuinely customer obsessed. We believe that our job is to listen to our customers, and we are always focused on their needs first. We try to anticipate their challenges before they even arise. Our empathy allows us to pivot quickly when priorities shift, because the customer is always top of mind for us, which keeps us inspired when things get tough or change quickly.

Can you share the best piece of advice you’ve received or given about remaining productive while working in a hybrid workplace?

If you’re working from home, it can be easy to get distracted. I ensure I have a routine for my day, which can help with time management. I even schedule breaks in my calendar, such as a reminder to take a walk.

I also recommend using your calendar to block off time to complete anything that requires heads-down work.

What are you currently listening to?

The Squiggly Career by Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis. I came across this book in a career planning workshop led by Helen Tupper here at Audible!

The book offers an interesting perspective on how to view your career. Rather than thinking about it as a straight path forward, it encourages you to identify your values, strengths, and progression in your career.

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