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Dominic Morgan Sound Bites

Audible Sound Bites with Dominic Morgan

Dominic Morgan is an Associate Director of Data Product Management on our Product & Insights team. His team focuses on providing various other teams at Audible with the right tools for analyzing data, and helping them use that information to make decisions and design solutions that delight our customers. He’s also part of our employee-led impact group, Unidos, which works to amplify the voices of our Latino and Hispanic employees, content creators, and community.

Can you describe your role at Audible?

My focus is on enabling teams to be more data-driven in their decision-making while understanding which tools might be best for their analytical processes. Our mission revolves around optimizing the value of our data by providing the right information at the right time, via the right tools. This empowers our stakeholders to design and develop solutions that cater to the needs of our customers and enhance the overall Audible experience.

What’s been your experience with Audible’s impact work?

Audible puts the communities in which we operate front and center in their overall mission. There isn't a month that goes by where there isn’t a volunteer event or outreach initiative hosted by Audible. All of our hubs are active in these efforts, and it is inspiring to see what each hub is doing to participate in their local communities. I’ve had the privilege of helping to organize some of the volunteering events for our team here in Newark.

Can you share a bit about your journey to your current role?

When I joined Audible, I’d been consulting, spending the majority of my career moving from one analytical project to the next. My new manager at Audible shared a similar background and recognized the value of a thorough onboarding process. We created an onboarding plan that allowed me to truly immerse myself in understanding the business before diving into the complexities of the role and any projects I would own. While I was ready to quickly ramp up and assist the team, I was pleasantly surprised to have a runway that granted me the time to deeply comprehend our marketplaces and the evolving business offerings within them. I believe that one of the contributing factors to my early success with my initial projects was having that transition period.

What’s one quality that people interested in working on the Product & Insights team need to have in order to be successful?

When I think about how each of us works to solve different issues or design better experiences, curiosity is the first thing that comes to mind. A relentless pursuit of knowledge drives our customer obsession. Through curiosity, we explore new ideas and uncover new data points that ultimately enable informed decision-making and innovative problem-solving.

What was your first Audible listen?

Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw. I grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA, so I saw a lot of the Carnegie name growing up. After I spent a few weekends at Carnegie Mellon University for an architecture course, I was curious to learn more about his success and influence.

Can you talk about your work with our impact group, Unidos? Why did you get involved?

Impact groups help us build a greater sense of community within Audible, and they create a space in which we can foster our own unique backgrounds and experiences and bring them more authentically to our work environments. I joined Unidos soon after starting at Audible and have helped on the planning team for two years. Whether we're working on an upcoming event or engaging with other groups such as the Black Employees Network (BEN), Pride@Audible, or Women@Audible to discuss plans, one thing remains consistent: the unwavering passion everyone has for the communities we've cultivated.

Lightning Round!

Favorite genre? Nonfiction.

What hub are you aligned to? Newark.

Listening from a speaker or in your headphones? Headphones.

Morning person or night owl? Both.

Favorite snack? Peanut M&Ms.

What’s your favorite listen?

 A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas. I read this book years before the audiobook was released, but now it’s on Audible. I find myself recommending this often. My current listen is Trust by Hernan Diaz. I’ve found the stories-within-the-story and the changing perspectives captivating. I’m sure this will make it into my top 10 listens of the year.

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