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Get to Know Jeremy Strauser, Audible’s Head of Apps & Engagement

Meet Jeremy StrauserHead of Apps and Engagement on Audible’s Product and Insights team. Jeremy joined Audible in 2018 and transitioned into his current role in 2021, where he leads a team of product managers focused on maintaining and enhancing our in-app experience. Whenever a customer uses a feature on the Audible app, Jeremy and his team have had a part in it.

Before joining us, Jeremy spent more than 20 years in software production and product management for companies within the gaming industry. Jeremy explains how one of the keys to delivering a great game experience is the ability to present a large amount of information, instructions, and choices “in an exciting way that surprises and delights customers.” He applies this same ethos to the Audible app, leading his teams in building new features and evolving existing ones, ensuring customers can effortlessly and joyfully discover titles they’ll love, delve into behind-the-scenes content, and manage playback while on the go.

Jeremy was an avid Audible customer before becoming an employee, listening regularly on his commute, and he was excited to bring that user perspective to his work here. Over the last five years, his team has achieved some major milestones, such as allowing iOS customers to easily redeem their credits in app. And through collections, Audible users can organize their libraries and create custom folders based on personal taste. “What gets me up in morning is customer obsession,” Jeremy says. “[Be Customer Obsessed] is one of our People Principles that really resonates with me. I always ask the question, what are we doing to impact the customer experience and their love of Audible’s product?”

When Jeremy isn’t obsessing over ways make the in-app experience better for our customers, he’s boating on one of the lakes near his home in northwestern New Jersey, working on his golf game, spending time with his family and three dogs, or rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s a lifelong fan and hasn’t missed an Eagles game since the 1980s.

Fun Fact: Jeremy’s a big fan of narrator Ray Porter and stumbled on this series after hearing his performance in Project Hail Mary.

Current Listen: The Terminal List Series by Jack Carr; narrated by Ray Porter.

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