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Audible Sound Bites with Chris Omachi

Christopher Omachi is an Associate Director, Business Development. He started as a contractor on our Content Marketing team, working in tandem with Business Development, so after a few months, when a full-time role opened up on that team, he was a great fit. He splits his time working remotely and commuting from Brooklyn to our Newark headquarters as he finds ways to reach new listeners and introduce them to Audible.

What’s been your favorite listen this year?

Bret Easton Ellis’s The Shards. The novel was first released as a podcast, chapter by chapter, during the pandemic, and is now a full audiobook. It’s a coming-of-age story, based on the author’s life, set in 1980s Los Angeles as a mysterious transfer student’s arrival coincides with brutal murders, haunting the narrator’s senior year of high school. His writing style, and the fact that it was originally written for audio, combine to create a totally immersive and captivating world—I couldn’t stop listening!

Can you describe your role at Audible?

My team works with third-party brands to deliver a sampling of Audible’s content and  special offers in the hopes of delighting prospective customers and bringing in new subscribers. We aim to bring Audible to new places and reach new audiences, expanding the role storytelling can have in people’s lives.

What made you choose to work at Audible? What makes you want to stay?

After working in contemporary art, at a tech start-up, and in the entertainment industry, I wanted to transition to a company working at the intersection of tech and entertainment. I have always loved reading and have been fully onboard with the podcast/audio revolution of the past decade. I have stayed because it is a supportive, innovative, and exciting place to work!

How do you draw inspiration from culture and technology?

All of my work has been about balancing art and science, culture and technology. Throughout my career, while the roles and functions may have changed, the common thread has always been storytelling—visual art, film and television, and now audiobooks and podcasts. No matter the medium I am working in, the goal of amplifying voices and sharing experiences of the human condition has always been what drives me. And in order to bring people’s stories to the world, technology is vital. I am thrilled to work at a company that’s innovating in our medium and constantly advancing our product experience for customers.

Have you had any personal experience with Audible's impact work?

I am honored to have managed a Future Leaders college intern this past summer and am currently managing a Future Leaders high school intern this fall. Future Leaders is one of the many programs Audible has created to develop and support our Newark community. One of my favorite defining principles of Audible is our devotion to our employees and the communities that we are a part of, and seeing the work that our Global Center for Urban Development does inspires me every day.

What’s something you’ve been proud to work on at Audible?

This summer, I had the honor of organizing a collaboration between SKITTLES and Audible in support of Pride. Through the months of June and July, we offered SKITTLES customers free Audible content via QR code on queer-artist-designed packaging. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I was very proud to be able to advocate for a marginalized and vulnerable community, especially during a time when queer Americans are being stripped of basic civil rights and book bans are sweeping our nation.

Lightning round!

Favorite genre? Audiobook: literature and fiction; podcast: comedy

What hub are you aligned to? Newark.

Listening from a speaker or in your headphones? AirPods on the go and Sonos at home.

Morning person or night owl? Night owl.

Favorite snack? Japanese shrimp chips.

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