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Learn more about our virtual interview process and hear how we’ve reimagined the future of work with our Hub+Home hybrid workplace.

Audible Technology Internship Program

Audible Technology Internship Program

Our college technology internship program provides interns a high quality, challenging, exciting, and fun experience at Audible. The roles span across our engineering business and are mainly located in our Newark, NJ, Culver City (Los Angeles), CA and Cambridge, MA locations. You’ll take on exciting challenges and work on cutting-edge technology projects that impact people’s daily lives. We invite the best of our interns to join Audible, either full time after graduation or with a return intern offer.

Looking for the Audible Newark high school internship program? Check it out here.

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Audible’s College Internship Program Cultivates Up-and-Coming Tech Talent

Senior Recruiter Jeremy Bradshaw helped relaunch our college tech intern program and shares what we look for in our candidates and why Audible is a great place for emerging tech talent to work.

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Internship Programs

The 10-12 week program begins in June and ends in August. Our interns are embedded into the tech team and work on meaningful engineering projects with hands-on learning and development opportunities. All interns are assigned a mentor and a manager who provide technical guidance and support throughout the internship.

You'll take on exciting challenges and work on cutting-edge technology projects that impact people's daily lives. Here, talent is recognized and good ideas are rewarded — we invite the best of our interns to join Audible, either full time after graduation or with a return intern offer.

“Every year I look forward to the intern final presentations. You can feel the energy and excitement company wide as we rally to support our interns, who become true members of our team.”


General Qualifications

To be considered for our technology internship program, you should:

  • Be an undergraduate or master’s student in computer science, engineering, computer vision or a related major.
  • Have an anticipated graduation date between December of next year or May of the following year.
  • Be both an innovator and a creator, with strong critical thinking and communication skills.

Ideally, you would also have experience in one or more of the following:

Object-oriented design and programming experience in C/C++, Java (preferably on a UNIX or Linux Platform)

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Teams at Audible

Whether you’re interested in building consumer facing software that is in the hands of millions of listeners globally or building the behind the scenes systems that power what we do, Audible has an opportunity for you. Check out some of our featured teams below.

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Our Tech Teams

  • AI Engineering

    At Audible AI, we unlock the power of Big Data and Data Science to enhance our listener’s lives. We strive to enable a connected and continuous personalized listening experience which is engaging, entertaining and uplifting to our customers across surfaces and the world, while being optimized across all touch points.

    Skills/fields of interest: Service Design and Architecture, high throughput and low latency systems, Data Science, Big Data, AWS Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, Lambda, SNS, EC2, S3, CloudWatch and other AWS services, REST services and APIs.

  • Android Apps

    The Android Apps team creates the unmatched customer experiences on our Audible Android Application. Our team expands and strengthens deployment on the Android App by driving a strong engineering culture and leveraging cutting edge mobile development techniques to push Audible into new places for Android listeners.

    Skills/fields of interest: Modern Android Application Design and Architecture, Android UI Design, Kotlin, Room, Dagger, Retrofit.

  • Application Engineering

    The Application Engineering team supports Internal Implementation of SaaS applications like Workday (HR and Financials), Salesforce and Financial Data Management System to create structure around Audible’s aggregation, reporting and use of financial data for key business functions.

    Skills/fields of interest: Workday Studio, Report Writer, Calculated Fields, Apex Coding, Web Services, Visual Force, Security, SNS, Lambda, S3, CloudWatch, REST services and Javascript.

  • Audible Voice Experience (AVE)

    The Audible Voice Experience (AVE) team builds innovative experiences that empower millions of customers to immerse themselves in Audible stories on Voice Enabled Devices, like Alexa.

    Building low latency Voice User Interfaces (including playback) using Speechlets and Alexa Skills framework powered by AWS services like Dynamo DB, S3, Lambda, CloudWatch etc.

  • Audible Creator Exchange (ACX)

    The Audible Creator Exchange (ACX) team builds tools to connect and educate its creative customers in the art of audiobook creation. The team implements self-promotion tools and processes to drive sales, audiobook awareness, and ultimately new Audible subscribers globally.

    Skills/fields of interest: Web Application, Services Design and Architecture, SEO, Security, SNS, Lambda, S3, CloudWatch, REST services and Javascript.

  • Content Systems

    The Content Systems team is responsible for building tools and workflows responsible for ingestion, augmentation and publishing of content meta data and assets for our customers to consume. This team supports the Content Lifecycle operations teams (Audio, Image, Metadata Ops and Metadata Editorial) as they ingest, master, encode, QC, edit and validate all audio, image and PDF assets and metadata. We process data at a massive scale, in real-time.

    Skills/fields of interest: Service Design and Architecture. High throughput, low latency systems, DynamoDB, PostGres, MySQL, Lambda, EC2, FarGate, S3, Cloudwatch, SNS, API Gateway, Step Function, SWF, REST services and APIs.

  • Contract and Royalty (ACR)

    The Audible Contract & Royalty (ACR) teams charter is to manage contracts, calculate royalties, and generate statements for content creators and narrators. Our team is dedicated to building flexible and scalable systems which ensure speed, accuracy and ability to audit Audible's royalty payments for the Content Providers across the world.

    Skills/fields of interest: Web Application, Services Design and Architecture, Security, Big data, Microstrategy, AWS (SNS, SQS, Lambda, S3, EMR, CloudWatch, PostGres, EC2), Java, REST services and Javascript.

  • Customer Experience and Promotions

    The Customer Experience and Promotions (CAP) team works with pages related to accounts, memberships, and promotions. Audible customers will receive and respond to promotions, sign up for and switch memberships, update their profile details and settings, manage payments and receive support and guidance throughout their experience.

    Skills/fields of interest: Full stack development, Services Design and Architecture, Web Application, Security, SNS, Lambda, S3, CloudWatch, REST services and AWS technologies.

  • DataX

    The DataX (Data excellence) team at Audible are the stewards at the heart of a complex data ecosystem spanning across Audible and Amazon, providing solutions within our highly scalable data management and processing platforms to enable teams across Audible to access critical insights about our customers and our business, to make our data-driven culture real.

    The team is highly collaborative, bringing together both software and data engineering disciplines, so that not only are we subject matter experts in the data itself, but we also deliver service-oriented solutions to transparently empower data capture, data integration, and fundamental data productivity, using a modern tech stack with best-in-class-open-source technologies and AWS data services.

    Skills/fields of interest: Big data, cloud-native data-oriented architecture on AWS, designing data intensive applications, data engineering (e.g. data warehousing, data lake), data visualization/democratization.

  • Discovery

    The Discovery team powers Audible’s content discovery experience through features like Search and Browse, along with the management of content through the Wish List, Library and Customer Reviews. We build low latency services and customer experiences at scale, and are the owners of Audible’s web platform and its integration within the Amazon ecosystem.

    Skills/fields of interest: Web/Mobile web development, service design/architecture, web security, performance at scale, and identifying/leveraging new technologies to improve both the customer experience and our web platform.

  • EXPAND (Experimentation, Prospects, Analytics and Design)

    The EXPAND (Experimentation, Prospects, Analytics and Design) team builds frontend features and supporting tools that enable Audible to efficiently experiment, optimize and deliver rich and cohesive experiences for customers.

    Skills/fields of interest: Web Application development, Frontend design and architecture, Java, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, node.js, SEO, Analytics.

  • Information Security

    The Information Security team is responsible for cyber security controls across the organization. We are a hands-on team working to protect our computer networks, servers, applications and data assets while also protecting customer and creator trust. We advocate for and embed information security throughout all of our software development and business processes. We perform risk assessments and ongoing security testing related to application security, data protection, control implementation, and third parties. We implement appropriate governance frameworks to manage, measure, and report on risk.

    Skills/fields of interest: Web and Mobile Application Security, Risk Assessment, Threat Modeling, Secure Development Lifecycle, AWS Security, Cloud Security, Vulnerability Management, Red Team, Penetration Testing, Risk Exploitation, Threat Hunting, Third Party Security, Data Privacy, Fraud Controls, Incident Response, Policy and Standards, and Governance, Risk and Control (GRC).

  • Information Technology Operations

    The Technical Operations team, consisting of System Engineering, IT Support and Audio Visual teams, builds and maintains the infrastructure, systems, tools and services that power Audible’s internal teams.

    Skills/fields of interest: Networking, IT Support, AV, System Administration, Powershell, Python, AWS Dev Ops, Storage Solutions, and AV Event Management.

  • iOS Apps

    The iOS Apps team delivers a frictionless experience to Audible customers across the entire iOS ecosystem including smart phones, car play, smart watches and living room devices.

    Skills/fields of interest: Customer oriented, attention to detail, AVFoundation, latest Swift language, SwiftUI, Core Data, Combine and Structured Concurrency.

  • Library

    The Library team builds the highly-available, low-latency and scalable platforms that enable customers to add titles to their libraries and manage their content across devices.

    Skills/fields of interest: Service Design and Architecture, Web & Mobile app development, high throughput, low latency systems, AWS Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, Lambda, SNS, EC2, S3, CloudWatch, REST services and APIs.

  • Player

    The Player team is responsible for building an audio listening platform that will improve how millions of Audible members hear and interact with our content. We own the end-to-end audio listening experience which includes player clients for web, iOS & Android, content security & digital rights management, content delivery infrastructure, and processing / synchronization of listening data across devices at a massive scale. Audible customers spend most of their time with Audible in Player components of Audible apps across FireOS, Android, iOS, and Web.

    Skills/fields of interest: Service Design and Architecture, Web & Mobile app development, high throughput, low latency systems, AWS DynamoDB, Lambda, CloudFront, SNS, EC2, S3, iOS, Android, CloudWatch, REST services and APIs.

  • Price, Payment and Purchase Experience (3PX)

    The Price, Payment and Purchase Experience (3PX) team focuses on global solutions in support of Audible membership and content orders, shopping cart experience, pricing and buying options. Our area of ownership extends to lead compliance work in collaboration with Amazon digital content and payment services teams.

    We work to grow Audible’s market share-leading business and build full stack applications and services to power the purchase experience on all surfaces and devices, where Audible purchases are possible. The team is comprised of developers who work in a fast-paced agile environment and partner closely with Audible and Amazon tech teams, Product, UX and QA.

    Skills/fields of interest: We design, develop, and operate full stack high throughput, low latency software applications to sell millions of books and memberships a year, with worldwide presence and support for multiple languages. We use, integrate with, extend and influence Amazon systems that supports billions of transactions daily. Our engineers use native AWS tech stack to solve difficult problems, including but not limited DynamoDB, Lambda, SQS, SNS, EC2, S3, and CloudWatch. We drive continuous improvement of software quality, customer experience, and maintainability of products/features.

  • Quality Assurance

    The Quality Assurance team promotes product quality and organization quality ownership through well-defined measurable processes, comprehensive quality assessment and identification of risk. Our Quality Assurance team works side by side with Software Development Engineers, Product Managers, User Experience, and Customer Care to help deliver high quality product to customers.

    Engineers on the Quality Assurance team test the product, measure test coverage, develop automated solutions and tools to improve engineering productivity, partner with developers to drive testability and diagnostic ability into the system, while promoting best practices in quality areas and optimizing Software Development Lifecycle.

    Skills/fields of interest: Software Development, Information Security, Machine learning, Applied Math, Information Systems, Psychology, functional and backend testing techniques and developing automated solutions with Java/Python/Javascript and other technologies.

  • Research and Development

    Our R&D team supports and encourages innovation throughout all aspects of our technical organization, from hackathons to org-wide innovation activities.

    Skills/fields of interest: An interest in tinkering in a broad array of technologies including but not limited to Full Stack, AWS, Mobile, ML, IoT, Immersive technologies and Spatial Computing.

  • Stagg

    The STAGG (Static Aggregator) team is responsible for building core platforms that support our surface teams such as iOS, Android and Web. This group’s mission is to build services, tools and infrastructure that would support surface teams, helping them build product features faster and promote consistency across surfaces. The group currently manages a middleware platform which is driving Audible’s server driven UI strategy across apps and web. This is a fast growing org which is also breaking ground on numerous other platforms and is driving Audible’s technical strategy.

    Skills/fields of interest: Service Design and Architecture, Web & Mobile app development, high throughput & low latency systems using Java and NodeJS, AWS CDK (Infrastructure as code), ECS, docker, DynamoDB, Lambda, SNS, EC2, S3, CloudWatch, X-ray, GraphQL using AWS Appsync.

  • Search and Advertising Services

    The Search and Ads Tech team’s mission is to build fast, relevant, and scalable backend services that enable an intuitive search experience and an ad-supported free tier content experience on Audible. The team is comprised of skilled engineers who work in an agile environment and partner closely with Audible and Amazon tech teams, Product, UX and QA teams.

    We are organized as three areas:

    Visual search: Enables users to search and discover content seamlessly on multiple devices such as Android, iOS, and web.

    Voice search: Enables users to search and discover content seamlessly on Alexa.

    Advertising tech: Enables users to listen to ads-supported free tier content on multiple devices.

    Skills/fields of interest: Service Design and Architecture, high throughput and low latency systems, AWS Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, Lambda, SNS, EC2, S3, FarGate, CloudWatch, API Gateway, SWF, REST services and APIs.

  • Technical Program Management

    Our Technical Program Management team (TPMs) own the delivery of projects by our Technology teams. They are responsible for the pragmatic and iterative execution of milestones for their projects, working with cross-functional stakeholders.

    Skills/fields of interest: Project Management, Program Management, Delivery, Architecture, Technology, Planning, Risk & Dependency Management, Stakeholder Communication, Agile, SAFe, Process Improvement.

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