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Tips for getting hired at Audible!

Thanks for your interest in Audible! We’re so glad you’re inspired by our mission. As you read more about our workplace culture and mission, we think you’re going to be excited about your decision to apply to work with us.

You’re making a strong start by deciding to prepare as much as possible. Our interview and hiring process page is filled with information designed to help you advance in your process as a candidate, so you’re already ahead of the curve just by reading this.

In addition to making this process as enjoyable, transparent, and supportive as possible, we’re here to tell you what helped us, and what our recruiting team will be looking for in applications and interviews.

Show us you've done your research on what we do here

To help you, here are a couple of the biggest things about Audible you should know:

One, we are far more than an audiobook company! We produce original audio storytelling (like The Sandman, which was developed from Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel of the same name) and audio versions of original works of theatre. We are also home to thousands of podcasts.

Two, while Audible is a part of the Amazon family, and our companies share many core approaches—like hiring, planning business goals, and being customer-obsessed, for instance— Audible has a distinct culture and spirit. We view our partnership with Amazon as the best of both worlds: access to the high-powered technological tools of tomorrow with the agility of our start-up roots.

Be ready to talk about our People Principles

No two days at Audible will ever be alike, in any role, and there are always fresh ideas to pursue, challenges to solve, and opportunities to collaborate with other teams. That said, all of our work is guided by our People Principles. We take them very seriously, and every decision we make is weighted against them. We strongly encourage you to think about what they mean to you, personally, as you consider employment with us. And be prepared to talk about them!

It’s also good to check out our LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter feeds and read our Careers site thoroughly. Many of our executives share career advice and guidance regularly on LinkedIn, so follow our leaders there to get see what we’ve been thinking about and doing.

We’re looking for “culture additions,” not just “fits"

In addition to your qualifications for the job, we’re looking at what kinds of thinking, views, and experiences you would bring. We are a company that respects and celebrates the full spectrum of human experience. Check out our Spectrum and Belonging page to learn about our efforts around broadening the range of perspectives that represent Audible. When we meet each candidate, we consider how they would contribute to a culture of respecting, meaningfully connecting, and empowering one another and our customers, communities, and collaborators.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’ll be asking you to share idea after idea in your interview. Just let us see the parts of you that are uniquely you! Maybe you studied something completely different from what you’ve been doing in your career; maybe you’ve had a few different careers or wildly differing jobs; maybe you’ve lived elsewhere and absorbed other cultures. Whatever it is, there’s something unique that you—and only you—can bring to what we do. Think about what that is and be ready to speak to it.

Consider your pioneering and storytelling qualities

Regardless of how the open role might fit into our overall mission (to unleash the power of the spoken word), we consider all Audible employees pioneers and storytellers.

For your phone screen and final interview, you might give evidence of some pioneering approach you took to solve a problem in your professional or personal life. If you’re a creative, we’d love to hear about your pursuits outside work. Or you might talk about the importance of storytelling in the work you do. (Bonus tip: We’re keen on strong writers, even when you’re applying for roles not considered creative—writing is so critical to the day-to-day work we do here, in communicating and sharing work, both internally and with the public!)

Activate Caring with us

Activate Caring is a deeply meaningful People Principle here! In fact, we have a whole initiative around it, which we all contribute to in some way. This can take the form of our daily interactions with each other, our individual and group contributions to community impact, the ways we go above and beyond for our listeners and content creators, and more. It even helps us innovate for our customers, because when differing opinions are treated with respect and given real consideration, it usually leads to solutions no one person could have thought of alone.

Activate Caring is a standard that employees are measured against in performance reviews, and it influences our hiring decisions. Prepare to let us know what Activate Caring means to you, personally or professionally—it will certainly come up!

And on that note, make sure you Activate Caring with recruiters, coordinators, front desk team members, and any folks who help you along the way.

Focus on applying to one or two open roles that are good fits

We often get hundreds, sometimes thousands, of responses across our channels when we post a job. It’s better to pour all your energy and attention into making yourself a stand-out candidate in one or two roles, rather than applying for several, so you really come to the fore as someone who is certain, committed, and focused on that specific position.

New jobs are posted frequently, and if you’re interested in us and not seeing the right fit, consider signing up for job alerts so that you’ll be the first to know when there’s a new position open.

Last pieces of advice

We cannot underscore this enough: be yourself! We want to know you— your authentic, unique, human self, even if that sounds counter to everything you’ve been taught about appearing infallible and polished in interviews. We’re just proud of the broad spectrum of talents, ideas and abilities that make up our organization, and we’re excited about what you might contribute.

Also: lean on our recruiters. If you have a question, ask it. Our recruiters are committed to helping you and setting you up for success.

Finally, be kind to yourself: give yourself space to fail, to grow your skills and come back. It’s never a rejection, only a redirection. And while we won’t be able to give you individual feedback, we hope you will keep trying.

We genuinely wish you the best and hope to hear from you soon!

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Audible's People Principles celebrate who we are and where we've been, and guide the way we work shoulder to shoulder to enhance the lives of our millions of customers around the world. They reflect and apply to everyone who works at Audible—the entrepreneurs and operators, the dreamers and the doers, those who have worked here for 25 years and those who have arrived in the past few weeks and months.

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