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COVID-19 update: The safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and candidates is our top priority. We’ve shifted in-person interviews to virtual interviews until further notice. We’ve also reimagined the future of work with our Hub+Home hybrid workplace model.

Audible's People Principles celebrate who we are and where we've been, and guide the way we work shoulder to shoulder to enhance the lives of our millions of customers around the world. They reflect and apply to everyone who works at Audible—the entrepreneurs and operators, the dreamers and the doers, those who have worked here for 20 years and those who have arrived in the past few weeks and months.

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Be Customer Obsessed
Imagine & Invent Before They Ask
Articulate The Possible & Move Fast To Make It Real
Study & Draw Inspiration From Culture & Technology
Activate Caring

Bringing the Right Characters Together

A great story is only as good as its characters. That's why at Audible, we are grateful for the personalities who make our story possible. The passionate individuals who collaborate to bring storytelling and innovation together make a huge impact on our company and the lives of listeners around the world. We foster a community where our employees can learn, grow, and inspire the future of telling stories.

  • Heather Alexander

    Executive Editor for Audible Originals

    Heather Alexander, Executive Editor for Audible Originals and lifelong lover of children's literature and stories, spends a typical day evangelizing Audible's mission of defining and enhancing spoken entertainment, including for younger listeners. Read more about Heather's story and the trends she's seeing in audio for kids.

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  • Kristin Lang

    Senior Director of Acquisitions and Content Partnerships

    Kristin Lang, Audible's Senior Director of Acquisitions and Content Partnerships, and her team work to acquire the rights to turn books, articles, stories or even viral videos into audiobooks. But her day to day is anything but simple, and rights deals happen at rapid-fire speed: A typical day for the publishing industry veteran includes ironing out multiple agreements with agents and authors; pitching new voices on why they should work with Audible; and coordinating with teams inside the organization to make acquisitions a success. Each day in her role, she says, "you have to be really nimble, creative and strategic."

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  • Raphael Cedeno

    Senior Global Program Manager for Customer Care

    For Raphael Cedeno, Senior Global Program Manager for Customer Care, each day is “fresh and dynamic” as he helps develop innovative experiences for Audible's customers. When not being customer obsessed, he loves to experiment with new cuisines, whipping up amazing meals at home with his wife or heading out to sample a new restaurant with her and their two daughters.

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  • Jai Zende

    Director of Business Affairs

    As Director of Business Affairs, Jai Zende is responsible for Audible's content in one of the fastest-growing media markets in the world: India. While Indians are avid consumers of visual programming, audio content is not consumed as widely. Jai, who grew up listening to audio storytelling, decided to make it his life's work to get Indians into spoken-word content after 15 years in banking. He started India's first audiobook producer, booksTALK, and then moved with his family to Singapore when he joined Audible two years ago.

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  • Dorothea Martin

    Sr. Original Content Program Manager

    Dorothea Martin joined Audible in February 2018 to build up our Berlin team's Audible Originals program. When she's not in the office, she can be found out with friends, cooking fancy meals, playing around with her dog Paule or working on Adele's Salon, a pen and paper adventure she creates with Simone Veenstra.

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  • Colin Weir

    Audible's Senior Program Manager

    Colin Weir, Audible's Senior Program Manager, APAC Region, thrives on jam-packed days. As the father of two, he balances diaper duty with projects that span the Australia, U.S., India and Japan offices, a daily CrossFit workout and listening to uplifting audiobooks.

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  • Christine Chapman

    Senior Manager, Software Development

    As Senior Manager of Software Development in Cambridge, Christine’s main responsibility is to grow a successful engineering team and empower the team to deliver great customer experience to Audible users on Alexa. Christine and her team enjoy an environment in which they are able to build relationships both in and out of the office through team outings and a variety of bonding events. This work culture encourages collaboration as they work towards solutions for Audible customers.

    Watch Christine's Video

  • Brendon Lavernia

    Software Engineer, Risk Management

    Brendon gets excited by the challenges he and his team get to solve every day as they ensure that all content on Audible is protected and that subscribers’ accounts are secure from illegal downloads and any other threats. A self proclaimed “audio junkie,” contributing to a product and medium he loves so much motivates Brendon as he ensures Audible is able to be as safe as possible for its users.

    Watch Brendon's Video

  • Shweta Brahme

    Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

    Shweta is responsible for testing the addition of new features for Audible on Alexa and ensuring that the features work as expected. She attributes the growth she’s made at Audible to the company’s culture of empowerment. Encouraged by managers that care and a supportive environment in which curiosity is endorsed, Shweta is able to do amazing work that she is proud of and ultimately improves the customer experience.

    Watch Shweta's Video

  • Matt Rogers

    UX Director, Listening Experience

    Matt’s mother was a reading teacher who passed her love of books on tape onto Matt. So, when Matt joined Audible, he was able to become part of the audio medium that he had been passionate about since a young age. His appreciation of storytelling drives the work he does with content providers and transforming their content into the listening experience Audible listeners know and love.

    Watch Matt's Video

  • Noemi Marte

    Product Manager

    Noemi truly believes in the work Audible does, not only because of the positive impact the product has on customers, but also because of the investment Audible makes in local communities. Coming from the inner city community herself, the opportunities and care Audible offers students, particularly inner city students, means the world to Noemi. Working for a company that makes a difference inspires her work as a Product Manager, where she merges the technical side and the business side of the company to create a robust listening experience for all customers.

    Watch Noemi's Video

  • Chandana Kanchanagari

    Software Development Manager, Mobile Apps

    As a Software Development Manager, Chandana enjoys leading a team of mobile and web engineers. When not working hard to get the best technology into the user’s hands as quickly as possible, Chandana is a part of Women in Tech at Audible. She has felt tremendously supported both professionally and personally at Audible, and hopes to share that support and encouragement with future women in tech.

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Your Career Journey

At Audible, you're the author of your career journey. Opportunities are around every corner with trainings, leadership that listens, and colleagues that inspire.